MEND is committed to providing an approachable, convenient and modern tailoring service. We accommodate a wide range of clothing alterations for everyone that wears clothes. Request the price list below.

*Please Note: We do not alter wedding dresses.  

In-Home Fitting Fee

Our fitting fee is $65 per 30 minutes. This charge includes your in-home fitting and the delivery of your completed garments.



Pricing for Mend

Mend has a $150 minimum for all in-home fittings.  For alterations below this minimum we recommend booking a fitting with us at Celsious.

After your fitting, you will be sent an itemized invoice with your alteration costs. Once we have your approval we'll start working on your pieces.

Fittings at Celsious

For clients with 1-3 garments, we offer 30 minute fittings at Celsious on a monthly basis. The fitting fee is $25, and alterations are priced separately. To book a fitting at Celsious click here.


Book an In-home Fitting

Please leave your neighborhood below. NOTE: Mend services lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.
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Do You work on Wedding Dresses?

No, MEND does not alter wedding dresses.  However, we do take bridesmaid dresses and mens suiting. 

Can you remake this garment I have?

No. MEND does not remake garments, and custom requests are taken on a very limited basis. 

Can I come to your studio to avoid the fitting fee?

If you would like to book an in-person fitting, please make an appointment at Celsious, where we are the Tailor in Residence. We offer 30 minute fittings at $25 for 1-3 garments. Book a fitting at Celsious here.

I have a suit(s) that is 1-2 sizes too big - How much would this cost to resize? 

1. The cost for a jacket and pants to be resized starts at $150, and the price depends on what areas of the suit need to come in.

2. Consider how much you paid for the suit to begin with, and what material it's made of. It may not be worth investing more in alterations, if it's not great quality or something you plan to hold onto awhile, so I suggest making these assessments and then compare prices for what a new suit would cost. Many suiting shops will also include minor alterations with a suit purchase so ask about alterations when shopping to find out if tailoring is available. 


Where besides Brooklyn does MEND cater to?

Lower Manhattan - Chelsea and below. 

Can you alter leather, or fur items?

Leather and Fur are materials that we cannot alter, due to the specific equipment needed to work with each material.