It's not you, it's the clothes. 



MEND is the business venture of Katie Anderson. Katie graduated with a BFA in fashion design from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and started MEND in 2011. She is drawn to the detail-oriented nature of tailoring, and hopes to bring fresh energy into the industry by delivering information that a modern generation can relate to.  

Clothes are powerful and Katie is passionate about making people feel good in their clothes. Most garments don't fit off the rack, and this is not a reflection of your body needing to change. Her hope is that MEND will educate and empower people to feel better in their clothes, with alterations tailored to their body. 

Katie specializes in contemporary tailoring with fashionable precision. Freshen a thrift find or update an ill-fitting piece; MEND will assure that nothing in your closet goes unworn.

In addition, Katie has been part of NEXT Agency's tailoring division since 2014. 


Commercial Bookings

Katie has been part of NEXT Agency's tailoring division since 2014.

To book Katie for commercial or on-set tailoring please contact below. 





MEND Tailoring – Brooklyn, NY 

P. 978. 888. 5665



Assistants & Interns

Mend is continually looking for individuals interested in tailoring. If you are detail oriented and interested in clothing alterations please send an email to