Unlike past experiences you may have had, Katie does not rush through fitting sessions at the expense of quality work. A fitting can last anywhere from half-an-hour to an hour+, and is priced per half-an-hour. 

For a fitting estimate, based on your specific needs and location, please email



Tuesday  5-9pm

Wednesday  5-9pm  

Sundays -  {timing is flexible} 

If none of these times work with your schedule, please know that exceptions can be made.



+ Do You Do Wedding Dresses?

No, currently MEND does not take on wedding dresses. However, we do take bridesmaid dresses and mens suiting.

+ Can you remake this garment I have?

No. MEND does not remake garments, nor do we make custom garments.

+ Can I come to your studio to avoid the fitting fee?

MEND allows garments that don't need to be fitted (such as a coat relining) to be dropped off at our studio, but otherwise fittings are conducted at your home or office.

+ I lost weight or have a suit(s) that is 1-2 sizes too big - How much would this cost?

  1. If the suit is not designer or something you are completely in love with, it may be a better idea to be fitted for a new suit instead.

  2. The cost for a jacket and pants to be resized starts at $200.

+ Where besides Brooklyn does MEND cater to?

Lower Manhatten - Chelsea and below.

+ Can you alter my swimsuit, leather garment, or fur item?

Spandex, Leather and Fur are materials that we do not take, do to the specific equiptment needed to work with each material.



MEND Tailoring
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