Q: I got a great deal on a garment that’s too big, should I have it altered or return it?

When it's too big:

Generally garments that are too big can be taken-in and made to fit your frame but there are some things to keep in mind.







If something is more than 2 sizes larger than the size you normally wear, it’s going to be more expensive, and may not be possible to re-size. This is especially true for jackets or garments with sleeves, because it would require removing the sleeves from the body of the garment and taking in respective seams, plus adjusting the shoulder length. In short, a tailor is essentially remaking a garment, which is why it can be so expensive. 




Does the garment have a zipper? It might need to come out in order to take-in a garment evenly. If so this could add an extra charge. However if the zipper falls in the back of a dress for example, removing it may not be necessary. 






Is the garment lined? If there’s a lining, it means that too will need to be altered accordingly, and would add to the cost.  


All things considered, if it’s a piece you love, that is quality (in construction/fabric), it’s absolutely worth bringing to your tailor. Just be prepared to spend the money you saved on alterations for it fit you perfectly.