Kate Suggests: BAGGU! #superfan

If you don't use them already - I couldn't suggest Baggu more. MEND uses Baggu products daily for in-home fittings and on set. Below are my tried and true favorites.


The Standard Baggu 

This is likely what you know Baggu for - and for good reason! These bags are the most versatile tote and being featherlight means you can have one tucked in your purse at all times without noticing. 

We use them for picking up clients garments that aren't on hangers: jeans, skirts, etc. Once at the studio I drape them over a hanger to have on garment racks. 

The baby

The baby Baggu

It's just so cute! There's no other word - except maybe practical. 

I love the Baby for storing workout clothes that can be tucked into a larger bag for going to a class after a fitting or from set. The nylon is then perfect to use for the sweaty clothes after class. 

Also good for: 

  • Lunch / Snacks 
  • A light purse if you're already carrying a bunch

The Big

The Big Baggu 

My favorite use: Laundry! 

I have these hanging in my apartment ready to put dirty clothes in and pack one while traveling to do the same. The best part is you can toss it in with the laundry and it's clean with your clothes.

Unlike a canvas bag that gets weird post wash, Baggu's are perfect everytime. 


      The Go Pouch Set

      I use these for: 

      • Small = Safety Pins
      • Medium = Spools of Thread
      • Large = Tailoring to-go kit 

      These pouches are always in my tailoring kit for in-home fittings and on set. They're easy to grab out of a larger bag/suitcase and help keep everything organized. 


      The Weekend Bag

      Sometimes used to carry a sewing machine around NYC - it's that durable!

      My kit when I'm working on set consists of a small suitcase and this bag. I'm bringing everything I need to setup a workspace once arriving, and have quite a bit of stuff. The weekend bag holds so much, is comfortable on your shoulder and has a super sturdy bottom. I've had mine for 3+ years and it hardly looks broken in! I love how it keeps its shape and is 



      BAGGU - IRL

      Lastly, the one item I hope Baggu makes someday is... A Garment Bag!