Into The Gloss Article - 7 Things To Keep In Mind About Tailoring

It was a pleasure to answer some questions about tailoring for Into The Gloss. To read the full article click here. 


The questions Mend answered: 


1. Consider a second opinion

"If one tailor tells you no, it doesn’t mean that it’s not possible,”  read the full answer


2. Let the expert pin it

{If you pinned it yourself} "many places won’t double check first." read the full answer


3. Know what’s possible when shopping

"'The way to know if something can be made bigger is to look at the seams from where the stitching ends to the extra fabric." read the full answer


4. Certain materials are difficult to work with

"Basically any evening-esque fabric is hard to work with—things like silk charmeuse, anything with bead work, velvet."  read the full answer


5. Decide if the work needed is worth it before you buy

"Alterations to remake something and resize it completely like that would cost about $250,” read the full answer


6. Assess vintage items

"Something can look really expensive if it’s tailored to fit your body—if you're buying vintage, look at it as an investment." read the full answer


7. Screenshots aren’t just for your hairstylist

"...sketch or find photos to help get your point across." read the full answer