How Much Does Tailoring Cost?



The cost of tailoring varies and most people have never been until they are getting married or for a jean hem. But why? We think it's partly because the cost of tailoring isn't common knowledge. 


How much are alterations WITH MEND TAILORING?

The chart below reveals the alteration costs for MEND's most frequent requests.  We hope this helps when you're shopping and encourages you to visit a tailor for more then just special occasions. 


Why Are some garments more expensive then others? 

Every garment is made differently, which means alterations are not universally the same. Factors like, garment construction, design and material, are all considered when calculating an alteration cost. You might have two dresses that need alterations, but one is fully lined. The dress with the lining will be more expensive because the top layer and the lining are both altered separately. 

*If most items you buy need alterations, Katie suggests, shopping sales, or buying fewer garments and then investing in tailoring.




Why is it so cheap to have something altered at the dry cleaners?

Generally a seamstress at a dry cleaner is not taking the time that a tailor does to complete an alteration. They're also not matching the finishing to the original garment. This means they may not match the original thread color, the original hem is not replicated or a hem is uneven. 

Alterations that are safe to bring to the dry cleaners: If you need to have a button replaced, or you have a busted seam that you need re-sewn, these small repairs can be brought to a dry cleaner. However other alterations should be saved for a tailor who is taking the time to do a fitting and can meet your fit expectations.